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Are you sick of cancellations, no-shows and customer turnover eating through your bottom line? If you answered “yes,” then Fresh Lists is the perfect partner for you. Our unique software is built to help you recoup lost revenue from last minute cancellations or openings in your schedule. For a low monthly fee, Fresh Lists partners with your business to engage current clientele and attract new customers.

Why Fresh Lists?


What is your sales approach? Do you HOPE that clients will come back? Fresh Lists converts a passive sales approach into an active, personalized approach. The result, more sales and happy customers.

Maximize revenue

Fresh Lists recoups lost revenue, reduces staffing hours and decreases the number of cancellations that business’ receive.


Getting new customers into your studio is a priority. With limited spots available and our first come, first served policy, we convert lookers into bookers.

Automated. Intelligent. Simple.

Everyday people are looking for appointments that suit their schedule and everyday there are small businesses that have last minute openings in their schedule. Our goal is to connect customers with local businesses, creating a win-win scenario for all!

With busy day-to-day life (work, family, health and more) we know that everyone has a lot of responsibilities to juggle. This is why we’ve created a better way to optimize your schedule. We realize that your lifestyle fluctuates. It’s dynamic. You may have time today, but not tomorrow. So why should you have to wait?

Using Fresh Lists, customers get instant access to local businesses.
Simply post an appointment and we take care of the rest. We partner with your business to improve brand awareness, improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue over the long-term.

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Per Month

  • 1 list
  • $39 per list
  • 1 Appointment per day
  • Online Support Available
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • All lite founder rate discount sold out

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Per Month
  • 5 lists
  • $23 per list
  • Unlimited Appointments
  • Dedicated service manager
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Founder rate ($89) available, contact us to determine eligibility
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Why Work with Us?

We know the industry and understand the value of customer engagement and acquisition. Everyday customers are looking for last minute appointments from medical to rehabilitation to cosmetic needs. Our job at Fresh Lists is to integrate these consumers with businesses that have cancellations and openings in their schedule. We take it one step further by notifying new and existing customers of your openings!

By eliminating barriers for consumers, Fresh Lists drives traffic into your business.

frequently asked questions

Fresh Lists is the first platform that sells unsold spaces for businesses on a first come, first served basis.

Simply post a service on Fresh Lists. Fresh Lists will then do the ground work to advertise and promote your business. Customers will then contact your business to book.
For customers, there is no cost to sign-up. For businesses, there is a low monthly subscription cost that is tailored to benefit your business.
Fresh Lists pays for all development and design costs to include you within the platform. Simple as that.
You determine how much you would like to sell your service for and you keep 100%. Fresh Lists does not handle sales transactions between the business and consumer.
Fresh Lists is a value-based service which keeps your business connected with your customers. Appointment bookings are based on customers’ availability.
Fresh Lists will only advertise appointments that you post. Therefore, you have the capacity to control the number of available appointments.
If an available appointment is booked, click the “filled” button next to the appointment under your listings page. This will prevent customers from contacting you regarding an appointment that is no longer available.
Fresh Lists will not sell or share your client lists or any of their details. All we need is your customer’s email address to subscribe them to your list (no other personal information). When Fresh Lists users book with your facility, you will be required to take any necessary personal information.
Click the ‘start free trial’ button above to register with Fresh Lists. If you have difficulty, email us at We will walk you through the process.
Fresh Lists does not charge the customers. We simply direct customers to your business. Within your portal, you have access to statements and membership details.
Fresh Lists charges a subscription fee. Businesses never pay any additional fees.
Customers are notified via email. It is recommended that you speak with your clientele or registrants on a waitlist to ensure they are receptive to receiving email correspondence for available appointments. Fresh Lists will then give you the option of how often you would like to send email notifications (as an example, daily or weekly). Businesses always have control of the subscribers on their email list. Your clientele can unsubscribe at anytime from the email list. Also, new customers can subscribe to your listing if they like what they see.
We do not charge customers directly, so we suggest that you inform new patients of your cancellation policies. Because spots and availability are limited, we suggest expressing to customers that all sales are final.
However, we understand that life happens, so businesses can always repost once an appointment has been filled.
Last minute sales are a proven business model in numerous industries. Our goal is to help you increase monthly revenue, increase your brand awareness, find new clients and encourage your existing customers to schedule earlier.
We require no commitment. Simply unsubscribe and you will be taken off of the platform within 30 days or less.
Consumers always have the option of unsubscribing from notifications.
While Fresh Lists includes a general release for the business’ benefit, businesses may request users to sign release forms or provide further details regarding their health status.