Prota Clinic

Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Prota Clinic was created with a philosophy to provide you the proactive detection and advice that will help you improve your health, your quality of life and life span. Find Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy and many more appointments here. Services offered by Prota Clinic include: Physiotherapy Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Vestibular Rehabilitation (dizziness/vertigo) Massage Therapy Swedish Massage (Relaxation) … Read More

Break Free From Cancellations

“Missed appointments cost providers $150 billion annually” I met Simone about two years ago. She has owned a chiropractic and rehabilitation clinic for 12 years and she has seen her fair share of ups and downs. Her clinic was a big hit when they first opened—her community was being overrun with arthritis and overuse injuries and she was the first healthcare provider to … Read More

Overview of Massage Therapy

What is massage therapy? If you are not familiar, massage therapy is a unique, hands-on treatment which manipulates muscles, tendons and fascia, with the goal of enhancing your health, emotional state and overall well-being. Registered massage therapists go through extensive education including a 2 year diploma program. Upon completion, registered massage therapists offer a variety of massage therapy treatments which … Read More

Email Optimization & Perfect Timing

“A small list that wants exactly what you’re offering is better than a bigger list that isn’t committed.” Ramsay Leimenstoll You may be thinking, “when is the best time to send emails in order to capture the largest audience?”  The quick answer, it depends. So many variables exist (what are you sending, who is your audience, etc.). The Best Day   … Read More

Getting Started (Business Edition) In 5-10 mins

Welcome! Fresh Lists is a one-of-a-kind marketing platform designed to engage customers and drive profitability.  Running a business isn’t easy – one day you’re on top of the world, then the next day the world is on top of you. Business owners frequently ask us “How do I reduce cancellations and keep my schedule full?” Fresh Lists is the answer! … Read More

Email Templates – Reward Customers

Customers today are more difficult to manage and keep engaged than ever before. Everyone has too many responsibilities to juggle. So, what is the most powerful way to motivate and engage your customers? By offering a sense of community, a highway of shared information. If you are committed to providing an incredible experience, you will build more loyalty than discounts ever will. … Read More