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At Fresh Lists, our team is made up of successful business strategists working in healthcare and retail industries. We have experienced first-hand, last minute openings in our schedules, which were filled less than 20% of the time due to limitations of traditional waitlists. After trialling Fresh Lists, we found that customer satisfaction improved due to enhanced communication. Furthermore, the measurable difference was that we filled 50% more vacancies in our schedules and experienced less cancellations. The competitiveness associated with first come, first-served appointments improved adherence and helped our businesses recoup lost revenue.

Solutions for your busy life

Work, family, health and more – we know that everyone has a lot of responsibilities to juggle. But why let your busy schedule get in the way? Fresh Lists has revolutionized the “waitlist,” providing convenient access to last minute appointments. Using Fresh Lists, you get instant access to your customers without any drawbacks – such as long-term commitments, monthly memberships or inconvenient scheduling times. You may have time today, but not tomorrow… so why should you have to wait?

How Are We Different?

As businesses have grown and become increasingly complex, waitlists and online booking platforms have not adapted. Now, more than ever, customers are looking to book an appointment within 24 hours from first point of contact. If a customer is not able to get in touch with your business, they are likely to contact another business within 90 seconds.

At Fresh Lists, we inform customers when you are available. We are one-of-a-kind, in that we create a competitive market place to drive more traffic to your business. Rather than contacting customers, let Fresh Lists do the work for you.

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