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Have an opening in your schedule? Available appointments can be posted in just seconds.


Based on last minute openings, Fresh Lists identifies prospects and generates unique notifications via email, SMS and social media to boost attendance and fill your schedule.


Our unique technology drives new and existing customers directly into your business. All appointments are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Guaranteed results or it’s free!

Do you experience last minute cancellations and no-shows? If so, how do you protect you business’ bottom line? Discover Fresh Lists, a sales platform carefully curated exclusively for service-based businesses.

Fresh Lists is designed to engage customers and drive profitability. Our vision at Fresh Lists is a dynamic community where businesses directly interact with new and existing customers, without spending countless hours on sales and marketing.

Let’s say you have a busy week, full in fact. Then a customer cancels their appointment for tomorrow, however, would like to reschedule as soon as possible. For small businesses, this is a logistics nightmare. If this sounds familiar, Fresh Lists is your solution. Simply post the availability on Fresh Lists and let us do the rest. Fresh Lists notifies new and existing customers of the opening. We then market your availability in order to fill the appointment. If a customer is interested in the appointment, we direct them to your business. It’s that simple!

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Even the best and busiest facilities have vacancies in their schedule due to cancellations, under-booking or lack of attendance. Our job is to fill your schedule. Instead of an opening in your schedule going unfilled, Fresh Lists markets your appointments directly to interested consumers.

Rather than contacting consumer after consumer like traditional waitlists, Fresh Lists offers a fresh, convenient method of offering your service on a first come, first served basis. No need to pick up the phone and call your clients, saving your business money and time.

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About Fresh Lists

In 2010, I was running a health care facility. Although we had lengthy waitlists ranging from 6-10 weeks, we had frequent cancellations and no-shows. To me, this always felt like lost revenue. We switched scheduling software and even administrative staff and yet still saw no improvement. The frustration overwhelmed me, so I built my own solution, Fresh Lists.

Due to increasing demands and busy day-to-day lifestyles, it is difficult to find the time to commit to appointments in advance. Fresh Lists was created for this very reason, to invest in a variety of affordable solutions that fit your customer’s day-to-day schedule. We understand how difficult it is to accomplish everything in a day and we are here to help.

Fresh Lists is spectacularly simple and a must for any small business owner who is determined to grow.

Kyla Peterson

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